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Our Mission. Purposeful YOUth Detroit seeks to empower, educate and inspire youth to identify their purpose and develop into productive and audacious leaders of the national and global community.




Our Vision. We envision:

  • Raising up a group of girls who defy expectations of society.

  • Inspiring youth to understand that walking with dignity, self confidence and purpose far outweigh the trend of existing in over-sexualized, violent and reckless behavior that plagues society's youth.

  • Inspiring young girls to become positive trendsetters and trailblazers.

  • Developing girls to believe in the power of their words and actions.

  • Encourage girls to create goals for success and follow steps to achieve them.

  • Helping children see the beauty in just being children.


PYD wants your child to discover the "YOU" in their youth!


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Crown (1).png

Why Call Them Royalty?

When a young girl sees herself as a Queen, she is prone to carry herself with respect, require the respect of those around her. She will love and accept herself and know that she is important.


Queendom does not teach haughtiness but uncovers humility. A Queen emblazons her confidence, gifts and abilities so that she may share them with the world.

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The 4 Pillars of PYD

Our 4 tier model includes:

1) Self-Esteem & Character Development

2) Leadership & Confidence

3) Service Learning

4) Parent Involvement


One cannot exist without the other. PYD believes that youth need to learn to develop positive moral character, take pride in their personal academic achievements as an avenue for success, commit to serve their communitiy and be a part of the solution and finally, complete these tasks with the support of a loving parent or caregiver.



What Program Looks Like

PYD Saturday Sessions. Our Young Queens meet every other Saturday from September to June.


Small Group Mentoring. Long-lasting relationships are often solidified one-on-one and in small groups. This is why we offer special time for each PYD member to connect with their own personal mentor and small cohort of girls. Each Queen is paired with a mentor that best fits her needs.


Service Learning Projects. PYD Members engage in monthly service learning projects in the community. We stand side by side and face to face with those in need. We empower youth with the tools to effect change in the City of Detroit, all while serving our community with love, respect and without judgment.


PYD Parent Program. PYD parents can engage in an optional enrichment program that will provide opportunity for them to become better women and better mothers.


In the past, moms have engaged in meaningful educational, vocational and recreational programming simultaneous to the youth of PYD. Some of our topics & activities have included: Embracing Your Womanhood, Parenting Discussion Forums, Financial Workshops, Couponing & Thrifting, Paint Parties, Moms Night Out, and more.

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Members Receive:

Large & Small Group Mentoring

Guideline to Improved Self Esteem & Confidence

Exposure to Career Shadowing & Career Planning

Exposure to Cultural Events & Field Trips

Community Services Hours & Letters of Recommendation

Connections to Local Detroit Activities

National Travel

PYD T-Shirt & Curriculum Kit

Summer Check-Ins & Activities

Access to Certified Teaching Tutors

Mentor Support in Member's Extracurricular Activities

Activities & Support Group for Parents



Purposeful Youth Detroit is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.